Epic Systems

Epic Systems Inc. is a high-tech enterprise committing itself to the VOIP product, we are the leading supplier of high quality and low price USB Phones, IP Phones, IP phone adapters (ATA), and IP-PBX. With insistent efforts of the R&D and manufacture teams in the United States and China, epic has become a rising communication enterprise, our equipments are used in many countries around the world. Base in San Jose, California, home town of Silicon Valley, we are dedicated to provide customers with the best quality, lowest price IP products in the market.


Epic offers most effective IP based network communication means to all levels of carrier, Virtual Carriers and enterprise clients. It is effectively compatible with the existing resources, maintains seamless link with existing PSTN network, but also it has the features such as low cost, convenient function, reliable stability and profitability by adopting the core basic equipments and various communication terminal products produced by Epic.


The Belief of Epic
  Send you the best and the over value equipment, provide you the best communication solutions, and service you need at any time.

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